Quality That Goes Above And Beyond

Knowledge, expert skills, and high-quality workmanship – always

Powder Coating Las Vegas

It starts with a promise and ends with quality results…

We Expect More from ourselves right out of the gate. We make this commitment to ourselves as a company that understands the proper balance between professional work and family togetherness. As such, our team members across all of Hirschi Powder Coating Las Vegas possess a dedication to safety and superior value that is unsurpassed.

You want the best value for your money

And we know that our success is made possible by the communities in which we work. The level of quality and service of our work is non-negotiable. Our professional team always seeks to achieve the best results.

We Expect More of ourselves and always provide the best client experience. You should do the same when you hire for your project.

Hirschi Powder Coating Las Vegas

The Hirschi Powder Coating Las Vegas Mission


We seek to exceed all client expectations through dedicated, high-quality work.


We understand the stakes accompanying our promises, and we aim to keep them.


We strive to be the best and continually improve over decades of doing business.

Hirschi Iron is a strong professional company that works hard to get the job finished on time and done right.

Even in difficult times, negotiations, price changes, production discussions, Hirschi Iron employees maintain a client-first mentality that is shown through their demeanor. They are better to work with than almost any other trade.

Hirschi Iron was able to get the manpower, the right manpower, to complete the project on time, and it turned out beautiful. The install quality was second to none.

Powder Coating Las Vegas

Want to Join the Team?

We’re always on the lookout for people who want to be a part of something amazing. As an employee of Hirschi, you’ll earn competitive pay and benefits and have access to a driven team of coworkers who expect more from their employer, each other, and themselves.